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December 25, 2012


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Merry Christmasu~~ update//features

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 25, 2012, 12:23 PM
//ahaha wanted to try using an IzaIza chan skin <333
Hello Everyone!!
Happy Holidays!!~
Ahahah again premmie has been running out but I enjoyed every second of it <3
Time to feature some friends of mine!~ ((took my bby :iconchromatichearts: idea hope you'll forgive me bby <33))

:iconchromatichearts: //sorryforstealingthejournalideaorz. HOMG. Your one of my first friends when I went on da homg <3 Your art is so nice sparkly and always improving <333 You reserved requests slots and stuff for me <3 BBY I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU <3

2012: Year of Inconsistent Styles by ChromaticHearts R6: Kira Kira Desu Moe Trio by ChromaticHearts R3: Kotone Forever Wins by ChromaticHearts

:iconmaruuki: Thank you so much for all your gifts and your friendship hgnh QuQ. thank you for taking the time to listen to my stupid problems worries and everything sissy <33 I couldn't believe you even took the time to talk or reply to the newbie I was back then QuQ Hnghh I love you very very much <3

Welcome to wonderland by Maruuki Dont  disturb the fishys !Print! by Maruuki Water Princess by Maruuki

:iconmyaoh: hehe sissy's been with me for a very long time ^u^/ thank you so much for talking to me checking on me and your gorgeus gifts to me *U*/  and When you also listen to my stupid problems it means a lot to me <3

C: MarionetteNotes [3/8] by myaoh Piiche Referance by myaoh C: Kishi-Amako by myaoh

:icondreammuffin: Dreaaaaammm <33 *screams and tackles you. You were also one of my first friends ever *sobb You have such nice art //hnghh thank you very very much for being such a great friend

MiiyukiChan.:.Commish by DreamMuffin New OC :3 by DreamMuffin Gift for Miiyuki Chan~ by DreamMuffin

:icontomatootoro: Ki-channnnn <3333 thank you so much for putting up with my lameeee lamee attempts at roleplaying ehehehe <333 Your art is super adorable and its very very moe :iconhontoplz: Teach me??? >u<

Smile~! by Tomatootoro uh..he is blinking? Q7Q by Tomatootoro Akashicchi by Tomatootoro

:iconblackacexxx: Ren-chan Q>Q thank you for putting up with lame replies and being so nice to me Q>Q Hnghh your art is so pro and you definitely deserve more. //Idontgetwhyyoudonthavemorewatchers

RE:make by blackACEXxX Countdown by blackACEXxX Prize Commission 2 by blackACEXxX

:iconhyiia: eeeekkk <33 Airi-nee <333 your so sweet to me always giving me the cutest comments and making me feel happy and you have the cutest art <333 //wealwaysseemtohaveexamsorz. Thank you for taking this dumb little nee-chan under your wing Q>Q


:iconiplu: Aoi-niii <33 the first time you talked to me I was really really nervous xD since you were so popular and all... xD but as time went by we became really really good friends!~ you check up on me and it makes me happy that you care!~ thank you

Flowers to Ia by iPlu Collab_miiyuki by iPlu Gift_Amu by iPlu

:iconchakramsaresexy: You were definitely my first friend when I came to DA xDD you deserve a lot because your artworks are nicce and they always show improvement <3 thank you for supporting me all this time! ; v ;

:thumb290874964: :thumb309372198: :thumb336859666:

:iconrainry: Kagamicchi <33 thank you for listening to my rambles on anime and stuff xD <33 your art works are uber adorable and your roleplaying is incredible <3

Coward MontBlanc by Rainry Hello by Rainry

:iconx-artsiemi-x: Emii <33 thank you for being so ncie when I was an awkward newbie orz.. your art is very cool and amazing <333 thank you for being my friend <3

Third Christmas Painting for Mamaw by x-ArtsiEmi-x  Secret Santa: Mir's Journal by x-ArtsiEmi-x Second Christmas Painting for Aunt by x-ArtsiEmi-x

:iconxmiharuyoite: Hishi-chann <33 you and your awesome Kurobasu arts <33 homg thanks for being so nice to me <3

Ribbon by xMiharuYoite Comp/Collab: Magic Learner by xMiharuYoite Light and Shadow by xMiharuYoite

:iconmikatsune: Oh Mika you're so hilarious and all <3 your art is pro pro and pro and your so sweet. thanks for being such an amazing friend <3

2012 Art Summary by Mikatsune Pixel Piiche by Mikatsune Mika Reference by Mikatsune

:iconsayuui: Sis <3 HOMG you and your traditional artworks really inspire me <3 you were so nice to me //cantbelieveyouwouldevenbefriendswithsomeonelikeme You have to teahc me how you can make such amazing traditional artworks

CM: Yukikokeeki by Sayuui P u r i t y by Sayuui Cage of Glamour by Sayuui

:iconsakuragx4nina: Amu-chan //Ididn'tforgetaboutyouofcourseyousillygirl! ou and your icons are amazing hngh <3 thanks for being a good friend that anyone can possibly be <3

Gif Commission: AnyaKuran by sakuraGx4nina G: Alice by sakuraGx4nina IC: Alice by sakuraGx4nina

:iconscarlet-glow: sissy omg I still remember when we met xD you were so hilarious and sweet and we just asked for an art trade right off the bat xD <33 eeekkk love love love you <3

::Merry Christmas!!:: by scarlet-glow ::AT nomychan:: by scarlet-glow ::I love you sissy:: by scarlet-glow

:iconlillieath: OMG you are such an incredible artist! and you are really really really sweet <3 thank you for talking to me all the time <3

:thumb334852788: :thumb326622589: :thumb316970308:

:iconshiranova: Shiraaaa <333 thank you for being so nice to give me tips on how to improve <3 I love talking to you <3 your art is so pro <3 how do you draw males so well? haha~

Merry X-Mas! by Shiranova Fruit Yuki by Shiranova Fruit Chibis by Shiranova

:iconthewrittenletter::iconcutecakedream: I have to put you guys together xD you guys have matching icons! You guys were also my first friends xD B59 ftw <3 I love all your moe moe artworks and thank you for supporting me all this way <3 both of you <3 I hope I can see the pairing B59 be spread xD

hug . by CuteCakeDream one friend can save a life . by CuteCakeDream autumn comes~ by CuteCakeDream

:thumb338506996: :thumb326265479: :thumb337041013:

:iconkaze-ki: OGM OMG OMG <3 Kazeeee-chan <3 thanks so mcuhf or tkaing your time to teach me german QuQ It really means a lot to me and I love seeing your tablet skills improve <3

Rawr! by Kaze-Ki It tastes nice. by Kaze-Ki Autumn is coming. by Kaze-Ki

:icontsuzuya: Need I mention how incredible Sora's art is? xD? Soraaaaa your icons are freaking adorable and I want you to teach me hehe <3

:iconyamio: Yami-chan <3 your artworks are adorbale as you know and you inspire me very very much <3 you go through a lot because of your popularity ; u ; //but I want you to know I support you all the way <3 Thanks for talking to me <3

Link-Sama by Yamio Oococo by Yamio Legendery Touhou time by Yamio

:iconmilchiah: Milkuu-chann <333 you and your sexy arts Q>Q hnghh bby <33 one day I'll be good enough to do an art trade with you <333

Secret Santa : Airisu-San by Milchiah Bedroom? by Milchiah Just another typical day by Milchiah

:icondeaeru: Kazuuu bby <33 your arts are so smexy and I wanna know how you do it <3 be my masterr //hnghh <333

Commission for TsukiHina by deaeru HBD HARUKATSUNE!! by deaeru HBD HONOKAAAA!! by deaeru

:iconmatteatime: You were also one of my first friends Q>Q thanks for all your premmies to me and everything hnghh <333 Thanks for your kindness and friendship <333 Thanks for being the best friend anyone can be <3

Aster VS Adam by MatteaTime Own Style by MatteaTime Aster by MatteaTime

:iconsuperprimosteak: Geh bby <3 your my famiru <3 you recommended me this website and ILU very much for it <3 met many of mygreatest friends on here <3 and you help with my stupid rants when my rl friends are being asses ; - ;

Is This Motivational...? by SuperPrimoSteak Primo Guardians Save Shimon? by SuperPrimoSteak Fem Tsuna by SuperPrimoSteak

happy Holidays to all!!~ <3
If I forgot anyone please tell me ; u ; *sobb
and to all my watchers thank you so much for watching and supporting me *bows. I really appreciate every one of my faves and watches :iconhontoplz:

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myaoh Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
You're such a sweetie <3 this is so kind, thank you so much. It made me very happy.
Alice-DrinkMeBottle Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
thank you so much ; u ; hnghh I love you sissy <333 Im glad it did <3
Tomatootoro Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist
dhgjhdgsh :iconcraiplz:
t-thank you so much for this--
Happy New Year! o 7 o
Alice-DrinkMeBottle Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
asdfghjkl-- of course Ki-chan <333
your welcome <333
//going to commish you again ^u^/
Tomatootoro Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist
shdakdsj y-you want to commish me again? ;;A;; /crai
Alice-DrinkMeBottle Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
asdfghjkl-- yes ; u ;
// illnotyou but when you are done can you send it to me privately like without posting it on your DA? //so sorry for this selfish request orz...
Tomatootoro Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist
I'm okay with it! o u o
Just give me your e-mail address and it'll be fine~ >7<
Alice-DrinkMeBottle Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
eeek thank you Ki-chan!!
I'll note you!!~ <3
Mikatsune Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
OMG Alice, you are soooosoooosooooo sweet!!! >u< <33333 Thank you so much I love you! Have a happy new year!!<333
Alice-DrinkMeBottle Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
asdfghjkl-- Mika <3
I love youu too <33333333
thank youuu <3333 you too <3
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